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Eunice Ordman died April 16, 2016. Publications about that are at

News, Sept 12, 2010 - our interfaith work is being increasingly recognized.  You might enjoy the essay by a Muslim blogger

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We are working on a book or web-book tentatively called Other Places, Other Times.  Click to see what we are doing.

We are active in interfaith work.  See the site at, the Memphis Inter-Religious Group.

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We once tried to start an interfaith discussion / news website.  To visit it click here.   Any ideas on how to do this are invited.

BALMORAL Presbyterian Church:  Sunday School class, "Faith seeking understanding"
Click here to see Bartosch's sunday school slides as html    
              Or here to download as Powerpoint

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IRAS  (The Institute for Religion in an Age of Science)
SVHE (The Society for Values in Higher Education)
Bill Jones, Storyteller    A sample web page prepared for a friend

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