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Death of Eunice Ordman

Page edited October 12, 2016

Eunice Ordman died April 16, 2016. Her 92nd birthday would have been May 3.  She was going strong until the end - out toi an organization meeting 10 days before her death, a wheelchair ride through the Botanic Garden and a picnic 7 days before her death. She never spent a full day in the bedroom and was busy on the telephone with friends and family the night before she died. I (her husband Edward) was holding her hand when her pulse became irregular and her breathing stopped.

Obituary, the Commercial Appeal, Memphis:
Article in the Commercial Appeal, by David Waters:

Since I don't know how long the above stay up, here are jpg's of them:

Program for the Memorial Service in Memphis:

Here are pictures of Eunice at various stages of life, selected for inclusion in the annual family calendar for 2017:

Not being sure where else to put it, I've placed this link (not technically writing "about us") here:
January 2014 - Eunice has heart valve trouble, click here.