(excerpted from an e-mail from the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center)

Attend council meetings!

Council members need to see and hear from you at the meetings where these ordinances will be debated.
Meetings generally occur at  City Council at 3:30pm on Tuesday,
 For a map to City Hall go here...

Memphis City Council

125 N. Main, Room 514, Memphis, TN  38103

Phone: (901) 576-6786       Fax:  (901) 576-6796

You have four representatives on the City Council, one District and three that represent you in your Super District.
Please contact them all. To find your District and Super District go here...

District 1, Bill Morrison                                        
Super District 8, Pos 1, Joe Brown (downtown rep)                   

District 2, Bill Boyd                                              
Super District 8
, Pos 2, Janis Fullilove (downtown rep)                         

District 3, Harold Collins (Chairman)                    Super District 8
, Pos 3, Myron Lowrey (downtown rep)                 

District 4, Wanda Halbert                                     
Super District 9
, Pos 1, Kemp Conrad                

District 5, Jim Strickland                                       
Super District 9
, Pos 2, Shea Flinn

District 6, Edmund Ford                                        
Super District 9
, Pos 3, Reid.Hedgepeth                 

District 7, Barbara Ware
(downtown rep)