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Edward Ordman - Published Essays

(These are pointers to  "writer" type publications, e.g. essays in the                            (partially updated 06/03/2017)
Christian Science Monitor, as opposed to older math and CS publications.
The titles here are sometimes my original titles, sometimes the ones the Monitor provided.)
BELOW are items from other publications

In the Christian Science Monitor:         (click on the title to view the article)

  Letter to the editor, by Eunice Ordman, October 30, 2006

  1  January 22, 2002    A Vietnamese New Year in Memphis
  2  Dec 26, 2002         Gamal Abdel Nasser to the Rescue
  3  January 2, 2003      A Communist Under Every Bed
  4  January 22, 2003    The integration of the Boyds PTA
  5  February 3, 2003    Mom's Prayer Meetings (about PTA and integration)
  6  February 12, 2003   How a famous musician learned a new tune (Keter Betts)
  7  February 21, 2003  George Washington ist gestorben (is dead)
  8  February 27, 2003  Arrested by the Turkish Police, with Tefillin
  9  March 14, 2003      A Catholic Dispensation for Purim
 10  March 24, 2003      Our Game Went Awry with the FBI   (Camp David)
 11  April 10, 2003         Why I learned to speak Chinese (a little bit)
 12  April 23, 2003         A beard that a mother could love, at last
 13  May 1, 2003          Funny Hats topped my teaching career
 14  May 5, 2003          On Making Muslim Outsiders, Insiders
 15  May 14, 2003         Navy cowboys, pilot-whale priests,  and other odd jobs
 16  May 22, 2002         A blue-capped barbarian untangles a speech problem
 17  June 26, 2003         Truth not yet, and Truth gone by
 18  July 14, 2003          The wisdom of the ages travels well, too
 19  July 28, 2003         On knowing someone who knows someone (Conspiracies)
 20  August 18, 2003      My family's old habits and the new Boy Scout
 21  August 28, 2003      Campfires and other things that kids notice much later
 22  Sepember 22, 2003  Similar attitudes at higher altitudes                                        
 23  October 9, 2003      The time my Jewish mother influenced the Pope.
 24  October 15, 2003    How tenure denial helped my career          
 25  October 31, 2003    My father succeeded by the process of elimination
 26  November 7, 2003   Speaking of Louisville....
 27  December 29, 2003  Untraditional, but an heirloom nevertheless
 28  February 5, 2004      Theres always a first time 
 29  February 25, 2004    A town by any other name would be less confusing   
 30  April 30, 2004          There is profit in being a foreign prophet
 31  May 17, 2004           Merci. Oncle Picsou (Thanks, Uncle Scrooge)
 32  August 6, 2004         When skunks and bears go to town
 33  August 26, 2004       Sometimes childish logic makes sense
 34  September 20, 2004  The Adventures of my Mother, The Music Woman      
 35  November 14, 2005  Getting lost can be fun  (in the the subway in Kiev )
 36  April 29, 2015         How I discovered whats in a name     (one pleasure of being an author)  
 37  July 1, 2015               Making myself understood       (needing foreign languages)   
                   (I'm usually very happy with how the Monitor edits my essays.   But they put a nice cartoon with this one and as a result edited out the names of some friends. So the unedited version is at  A Language I never expected to need  )    
 38   October 21, 2015      Hello, Operator, I have a Question      (Experiences with telephones, and telephone operators)
 39   December 2, 2015      The Road from Damascus     (Experiences with immigrants)
40   April 13, 2016,  Of comic books and Canaletto     Questions about some paintings in the Polish Royal Palace
41   August 3, 2016   Memorable Fish I've been given     Why I once needed to mail some fish from Memphis to Nairobi
42   April 12, 2017    In new situations, I sing an old song    Would you believe, an essay for ANZAC Day?

In the  Hebrew Watchman, a weekly newspaper in Memphis, TN

For two published stories and one unpublished story about our 2005 visit to Cambodia and Thailand, click here.
Relative to our 2007 trip to Israel and the West Bank,
...    June 7, 2007   Letter: Reader supports Israel, not Israeli government policies

In summer 2008 an essay (written with my wife Eunice) on teaching about Islam in  synagogues appeared in
Torah at the Center, a publication of the Religious Action Center of the Union for Reform Judaism.
They seem to have taken that issue off line, so
I have placed a copy of the entire issue ONLINE HERE, our essay is at page 19.

In Memphis Parent Magazine, a monthly in Memphis, TN

August, 2009,  The New Grandparent

In The Commercial Appeal, the daily newspaper in Memphis, TN

0. Assorted letters to the editor, various dates.
1. April 2012,  Helping others was Stan's life mission (Stanley Engelberg)
2. May 26, 2012, Journey of Belief Came Full Circle for Filipina

Essays on the website of The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science
1.  October 2011     What is sacred?
2.  June 2012           Religion as Community
3.  November 2012  Religion and Politics (pending)  (did this appear?)