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Edward and Eunice Ordman - Writing in progress

These are some longer essays, collected starting in 2009, that may or may not eventually be published.  Among the things prompting them have been participation in writing courses and workshops at the University of Memphis, and an autobiography writing group at the Society for Values in Higher Education.

I'll try here to give a brief note of what something is about, and a link to a .pdf file which may usually be
viewed online (left click on PC) or downloaded (right click and "save target" on PC)

1. Gramma Eunice. By Eunice Ordman.
     Memories of the grandmother after whom Eunice was named, some other family stories, and tales of an antique desk. 9 pages. Written for a writing class at the University of Memphis, Spring 2009. Presented as a talk at a meetng of the Society for Values in Higher Education, near Chicago, July 2009.
     To see the antique desk click here.  (Use the "Back" button to get back here.)

2.  May 15, 2008. Conflict became Cooperation. By Eunice Ordman,
      On May 15, 2008, there was a street-corner fight in Memphis, when some extremist Jews came to a pro-Palestine demonstration. We were called upon to try to pick up the pieces and prevent further repercussions. 10 pages.

3.  An interfaith activist's abecedarius, by Edward Ordman. 
    Not quite either a travel diary or an autobiography, some reminiscences some of the steps in becoming and being an interfaith activist.  14 pages.

4.  A mathematician sees room for miracles, by Edward Ordman
    An argument  from first (mathematical) principles that there will always be things that we don't know, always things we cannot predict. However, if you see such a thing (or even a random number), you can'tconvinbce anyone else you saw it.  Somewhere here there is room for miracles, but not for a proof that you saw one.

5. A strategy for travel, by Edward Ordman
     A possible early chapter for a travel book, which we may write instead of an autobiography. (The book would include comments on various times and places and how they influenced us.)  This draft is not a complete list of where we have been, but it gives a considerable explanation of how we have managed to travel to some of these places and what we were looking for. Written for a writing workshop at the University of Memphis, Fall 2009.

6. The Faeroe Islands, By Edward Ordman with help from Eunice
       An incomplete chapter draft for the travel book.  Parts were written for the U of M writing workshop. 16 pp double spaced.
       Some of our pictures of the Faeroe Islands are at  http://community.webshots.com/user/etordman

7. Montana-2000, by Edward Ordman.
      A very first stab at a chapter on Montana, a trip we took with the American Indian College Fund in 2000. About 8 pages.
      Some of the pictures are at http://community.webshots.com/user/etordman

8. Recovery, by Edward Ordman
       Eunice was mgged in Jerusalem in 2007 and badly injured.  We spent two weeks in Hadassah Hospital.
       This version is very slightly modified from a paper written in a Creative Nonfiction workshop at U of Memphis. 10 pages.

9. My Political  Qualifications. by Edward Ordman. Very brief, humor

10. Isosceles, by Edward Ordman. One page, humor, heavily mathematical. The ancient Greek explorer Isosceles wishes to find a fierce wild Hypotenuse.

11. A story about John the Baptist.  By Eunice Ordman.  Recalling an Advent sermon in a mosque.