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A Visit to Cambodia and Thailand, February 2005

          Eunice has creative ideas.  But even I was startled when she suggested that even Memphis gets cold in the winter, and we needed a winter vacation - how about the region of Thailand bordering on Burma?  It turned out she was looking at a trip proposed by the New York-based humanitarian group, American Jewish World Service. (Click on the name to see their web page.)

         We went on the trip, and it included several areas in addition to the border regions of northern Thailand.  As of early March I'm still digesting the experiences, and writing about them slowly.  The texts here should, in the main, be considered rough drafts.  But for those interested, here is the work in progress--

     A large selection of pictures from our trip are at 

      The first article about the trip has appeared, in the Memphis weekly newspaper, The Hebrew Watchman. This
was not bylined, and was edited by the Hebrew Watchman editor from text I submitted.

1.  Ordmans Travel to Cambodia (Hebrew Watchman, Feb 10, 2005)

2.  AJWS Group Visits Angkor Wat  (written Feb 27, 2005)

3.  Jewish Humanitarian Group Visits Phnom Penh (written March 6, 2005)

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