Some Useful Addresses and Information on Writing Letters

This page is being maintained by Edward and Eunice Ordman,
The purpose is to keep handy addresses and contact information for legislators,
letters to the editor, and others that may be useful for residents in the
Western Tennessee area.

Please contact us with suggestions, additions, etc.
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Notes on writing effective letters to the editor are at the end  (thanks to Eva Hernandez, Field Organizer, )

Here are some appropriate addresses:

Short hand-written notes to legislators are often the most effective. 
Mail to the local office usually gets there faster and is read before mail to the Washington DC office.
Phone calls are also very appropriate. 
For congressmen and senators, giving your address so they realize you can vote for or against them is very helpful.


Senator Bob Corker                             
100 Peabody Place #1335       
Memphis, TN 38103           
901-683-1910 fax 575-3528       
DC Office  phone 202-224-3344 
Senator Lamar Alexander
167 N. Main St #1068
Memphis, TN 38103
901-544-4224 fax 544-4227
DC Office  Phone 202-224-4944 fax 228-3398   

You can also send messages (possibly will get less attention) via the web - go to
and select your senator, then find the "contact" form.

US CONGRESS - HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, from Memphis / Shelby County   

Rep. Steve Cohen (9th District)      
167 N. Main #369       
Memphis, TN 38103       
901-544-4131 fax 544-4329  

Rep. Stephen Fincher (8th District)   Retiring - replaced Jan 2017 by David Kustoff)    
109 South Highland, Room #B-7
Jackson, TN 38301
Phone: (731) 423-4848 Fax: (731) 427-1537

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (7th District)
 7975 Stage Hills Blvd,. #1
Memphis TN 38133
901-382-5811 fax 373-8215

You can also send messages (possibly will get less attention) via the web - go to
and select your representative, then find the "contact" form.

Are you from elsewhere? Find Senate info at ,
House info if you know your Representative's name at
In Tennessee you can find your local legislators  by entering your address at (recent change!)
and your congressional district at
These can, believe it or not, have errors.  The state directory on some pages gives as e-mail address
for  state Sen. Jim Kyle the wrong address  Correct is

Memphis City Council Information, click here.

Shelby County Council  (TN)  Members and email addresses,

National Contact Information:
A remarkably good lookup program (knowing your 9-digit zip code usually gives even
state legislature contacts, almost anywhere in the county) is on the "Jewish Voice for Peace" website
If you know other good sources of contact information,   please email me and tell me .

Tennesseans for Fair Taxation
, home page at
has an excellent section on contact information. Pull down  "Take Action" under the masthead
to find good contact information for legislators (even a tab to e-mail all 132 state legislators)
as well as e-mail addresses for newspapers all around Tennessee

The President:
Barack Obama, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20500-2006
(mail is long delayed by being tested for poison.  Phone, e-mail, or fax instead:)
phone 202-456-1414    fax 202-456-2461    E-mail:
or use the web form at

Secretary of Defense
Robert M. Gates, 1000 Defense Pentagon,
Washington DC 20301-1400        Phone 703-428-0711
submit comments via web:

Department of Justice - Eric Holder, Attorney General.  Email to

What other addresses do we need here?

Be short and to the point. The best chance of being printed is if you refer by
name and date to an article appearing within the last two or three days, and
keep your letter to about 200 words.   Often the paper won't want to print more than one letter
per person per month, so if you've written recently, let other people know if you see
an article that needs to be written about.  See more detailed suggestions below.
Many of these publications have on-line message boards, but I don't know how widely read they are.

495 Union Ave. Memphis, TN, 38103   901-529-2345
e-mail letters to editor:

e-mail letters to the editor:

e-mail letters to the editor:

contact info:

e-mail letters to editor:

THE HEBREW WATCHMAN:   I don't think you can read this on-line,
but it gets much of its national and international news from
letters to editor:

A good source for news from other countries and finding web sites of other newspapers
(if you want to write to the paper in your old home town, for example) is

Please suggest other contacts. Does someone know how to reach radio and TV stations? e-mail me

Are you looking for ideas on what to write about, or thoughts you might use in a letter? 
Use your own words, and don't represent yourself as speaking for an organization (like Move On)
without consulting with someone, although it is OK to identify yourself as a member of an organization
and say you are expressing your personal views.  But you can get some ideas by browsing
and I have found
particularly helpful.

- alternative energy initiative - find Move On  info on this at  

Tips for Writing Successful

Letters to the Editor

Why Letters to the Editor Matter:

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