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                                What Can I do?

(1) learn about what is going on.  Most US newspapers and TV new are little help.
The Internet, of course, is a major resource.
The Christian Science Monitor ( is quite good.
The (Memphis, TN) Hebrew Watchman gives both sides more often than you might expect,
getting much of its Israeli news from The Jewish Telegraphic Agency,   .   
While I'm not sure you can expect to find  "balance" this way,  a good collection of
Palestinian news sources is at   
with a similar Israeli collection at .  

(2) Try to influence US Policy.  Write to congressmen, senators, the State Department.
While the issues you write on are up to you, consider some of these:
We should be seeking steps toward peace, not more effective means of retaliation.
We need to stop providing arms to the region.
Israeli settlements in the West Bank are an obstacle to peace.
We need to talk with Hamas, with Syria, and with anyone else who might be relevant.
There needs to be a functioning Palestinian economy.
To bring a lasting peace there need to be appropriate homes for the refugees,
and a way for all parties - not just one - to  live in freedom, peace, and security.

(3) Become involved in and support appropriate organizations. 
These include some of those listed our links page, but there are also local groups
and activities that are relevant:
Midsouth Peace and Justice Center   
Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
A specifically Christian group involved in trying to train activists, among other things, is
The School of Servant Leadership
It has a nice course in Fall 2007, for example, on Thomas Merton and Peacemaking,
the relevance of nonviolence in a time of war.    Phone 320-7005
(4) Learn more about other people and other viewpoints.  Even within our own community,
we do too little talking with others.  If you have not visited a (church, mosque, synagogue),
do so and meet some of the people.  In Memphis, we recommend the mosque
 Masjid As-Salaam, 1065 Stratford Rd, Memphis 38122 phone 685-8906
(The big service is at 1:15 PM Friday, but there are smaller daily services as well
as big evening services during Ramadan, and other events).  We are happy to go
along (to church, synagogue, or mosque) with anyone who would rather not go alone the first time.

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