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Site History Notes

An evolving family web page.
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 What's new on the site:   (site history)

December 2005:  rebuilt the publication list in CS Monitor, which had gotten lost.
Added  Is sudoku mathematics?  in the Miscellaneous section  of Family stories
Several others have also been added since the last note here...

February 2004:  4 stories added. The Polish Cook, The Palm Sunday Sermon,
and Installing the Pastor in the "Not Quite Religion" section, and   The
Fish Heard Round the World  in the "Family" section of Family stories

January 2004:  Increasingly, I'm finding interesting references to my articles on other
people's web pages; since the name Edward Ordman is apparently unique on
the web, searching on it turns up interesting references.
    One who requested a link back is  www.the-insight.com,  a list of links
on religion / health / yoga / ???

December 2003:  CUBA Pictures are up at ofoto.com;
   click here: http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?c=11g5bknb.6q5sdn93&x=1&y=-akcyp
    You can order pictures directly from the (we get free pictures when people do);
    If you want a larger .jpeg file than they let you download free by right-clicking,
e-mail me and we'll send it.  (Most are 1280x960)

 The Christian Science Monitor has published over two dozen of my essays;
   there will be a book once I get around to finding a publisher.

(April 2003) I'm up to twelve stories in the Christian Science Monitor now.
           The links are on another page. I've put some of our Bangkok pictures
    up at ofoto.com.  (Click on Eunice's travel photos link, below)
(January 2003)   Some new Arnold Ordman stories added.
    I've taken down the Heidenreich Graduation and the Majka wedding photos
but can provide them again if requested.
(June, 2002)  Photos of Chuck Heidenreich's graduation (under Family Photos)
(Oct 1, 2002) I've put up a lot more pictures of our trip to Indian reservations in Montana in 2000,
since those seem to be very popular (click on Eunice's travel photos, below)
(October 1, 2002) In family photos: I've finally got up the pictires of Majka's wedding, summer 2002.      
Thumbnails are up for some pictures from our trip to BHUTAN.

What else do people want?