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    A year or so ago, I posted a few pictures here taken on our trip to Mantana with
the American Indian College Fund. The purpose was to visit colleges supported by
the fund on several Indian reservations in Montana. It was a chance to visit places
and meet with people that would have been hard to arrange any other way.
    For more info on the colleges and the American Indian College Fund, click on
    To my surprise, these have proved to be surprisingly popular - at least, they get the
most hits on my website.  So I've put up (early October 2002)  a great many more of the
     These pictures are copyright (C) E. Ordman 2000.
For permission to use them, contact me. You may use them personally or for
noncommercial use, but credit would be appreciated.  I'd also very much appreciate it if
those who like them would send me an e-mail to let me know how you found them, why,
and, if you are using them in any way, let me know.

    You can write to me at  edward@ordman.net

Here are just a couple of thumbnails to give the flavor:

2MedicineLake.jpg 154KbSalishCampus.jpg 213KbChiefOldPerson.jpg 112Kb

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