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Some selected pictures

page revised 5/1/2010 but a lot more revision is needed.

Our travel photos (especially outside the US) are now mainly on Flickr,
 at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/14122704@N06/sets/
For some reason, Bhutan hasn't gotten there yet - click on Bhutan father down this page
And our Israel Palestine shots are at    http://ordman.net/Palweb/index.html
In the past we had photos at webshots.com, which sells prints and allows downloads of good-sized copies. If you don't see what you are looking for here, e-mail us and ask.  That is still the best place for our family photos, pending reorganizzation.     http://community.webshots.com/user/etordman

Some of our philiosophy of travel is found, in rough draft,  at  A straegy for Travel.pdf      (to get back from a .pdf file, use the "Back" button in the browser)
Some initial thoughts on how travel has related to our life are at   An interfaith Abecdarius.pdf

We are now collecting a lot of our travel writing at  http://InOtherPlaces.com,
in particular there is a nice pictorial essay on Bhutan there.

1988:  Faeroe Islands

In the Spring of 1988 we taught at a small undergraduate school in Torshavn, Faeroe Islands.
Find these pictures from 1988 at  http://community.webshots.com/user/etordman

2000:  Montana.

There seems to have been a lot of demand for our photos of our trip to Montana in 2000
with the American Indian College Fund. Clicking on  Montana    gets you to the sample
photos stored on this web site. Or you can look  at a whole bunch stored at Webshots:
click on the link

2002: Bhutan.

 In summer 2002 we travelled to Bhutan with a group from Principia College.
   I have over about 150 thumbnails on eight index pages.

2002: Bangkok.

On the way in and out of Bhutan in 2002 we spent five days in Bangkok, Thailand.
But the pictures up on the net now seem to be from our trip later to Thailand and Cambodia with Amercican Jewish World Service.
These are in several albums at http://community.webshots.com/user/etordman

2003:   Cuba

Pictures from our December 2003 trip to Cuba  with the Brooks Museum
(Note these are on Kodak Gallery, and I'm dubious of their link system. Please e-mail to tell me if this works.)

2005:  Bolivia and Peru

Photos from our April 2005 Trip to Bolivia and Peru  with Freedom from Hunger

2005: Cambodia and Thailand

This was a 2005 trip with  American Jewish World Service   visiting some unusual local NGOs
(Non-Governmental Organizations, i.e. charities.)
Stories and Photos from our Feb 2005 trip to Cambodia and Thailand

We have a lot more pictures that need to go up or need links. 
Look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/14122704@N06/sets/72157623639443122/
for the international stuff and Montana and at
for some domestic stuff (but a lot of domestic stuff isn't up now, pending reorganization.)

: Church campground in Tennessee, 10 photos
   (not up just now?)

Malawi: lots of pictures from our trip to Africa in 1996
  not up just now

Star Island: 10 miles off the coast of New Hampshire. 27 pictures from summer 2000.
  not up just now

First Baptist Church, New London, NH   Some church-related pictures
    not up just now

More should follow shortly.
Requests to  edward@ordman.net