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Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences
(Computer Science was still part of a joint department when I retired)

University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152

(Retired as of June 2001)  (Page edited  April 9, 2018)

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      A few of my publications (indicating range of interests)

    Here in approximate last-to-first order are items in the Math Reviews index, with Math Reviews reference and subject numbers.  Some items I haven't found in Math Reviews appear below them. 

    1   MR1887967 (2002m:05127) Erdős, Paul; Faudree, Ralph; Ordman, Edward T.; Rousseau, Cecil; Schelp, Richard Blocking sets for paths of a given length. J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. 40 (2002), 65--78. 05C38   Click for PDF
    2  MR1774946 (2001d:68170) Ordman, E. T.; Eberbach, E.; Anwar, A. Generalized mutual exclusion with semaphores only. Fund. Inform. 40 (1999), no. 4, 407--422. 68Q85 
      Click for PDF

    3   MR1476451 Erdős, Paul; Ordman, Edward T.; Zalcstein, Yechezkel.  Clique partitions of chordal graphs [MR1264716 (95g:05080)]. Combinatorics, geometry and probability (Cambridge, 1993), 291--297, Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge, 1997. 05C70 
      Click for PDF
    This seems to be the same as?  is it a reprint or rebinding?
    MR1264716 (95g:05080) Erdős, Paul; Ordman, Edward T.; Zalcstein, Yechezkel Clique partitions of chordal graphs. Combin. Probab. Comput. 2 (1993), no. 4, 409--415. 05C70 

    4   MR1358508 (96g:05101) Ordman, Edward T. Cliques in hypergraphs and mutual exclusion using tokens. J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. 19 (1995), 209--224. 05C65  
    Click for PDF 
    5   MR1313949 (96a:05114) Chen, Guan-Tao; Erdős, Paul; Ordman, Edward T. Clique partitions of split graphs. Combinatorics, graph theory, algorithms and applications (Beijing, 1993), 21--30, World Sci. Publ., River Edge, NJ, 1994. 05C70 
      Click for PDF 

    6   MR1267302 (95d:68108) Ordman, Edward T.; Schmitt, William Permutations using stacks and queues. Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing (Boca Raton, FL, 1993). Congr. Numer. 96 (1993), 57--64.  68R05 (05C85 68P05) Click for PDF 

    7    MR1110842 (92j:05172) Ordman, Edward T. Distributed graph recognition with malicious faults. Graph theory and its applications: East and West (Jinan, 1986), 417--430, Ann. New York Acad. Sci., 576, New York Acad. Sci., New York, 1989.  05C90 (68M10 68R10)
    Click for PDF    that lacks a page of references so Click here too if you need them.

    8    MR1030379 (90i:05047) Erdős, P.; Gyrfs, A.; Ordman, E. T.; Zalcstein, Y. The size of chordal, interval and threshold subgraphs. Combinatorica 9 (1989), no. 3, 245--253. 05C35
    Click for PDF 

    9    MR0978172 (89k:68045) Ordman, Edward T. Minimal threshold separators and memory requirements for synchronization. SIAM J. Comput. 18 (1989), no. 1, 152--165.  68Q10 (68R10) Click for PDF 

    10    MR1018425 Ordman, Edward T. Byzantine firing squad using a faulty external source. Distributed algorithms (Amsterdam, 1987), 76--83, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., 312, Springer, Berlin, 1988. 68M10 Click for PDF 

    11    MR0975527 (89m:05090) Erdős, Paul; Faudree, Ralph; Ordman, Edward T. Clique partitions and clique coverings. Proceedings of the First Japan Conference on Graph Theory and Applications (Hakone, 1986). Discrete Math. 72 (1988), no. 1-3, 93--101.   05C70 Click for PDF  

    12    MR0925118 (89c:05050) Faudree, R. J.; Ordman, E. T.; Schelp, R. H.; Jacobson, M. S.; Tuza, Zs. Menger's theorem and short paths. J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. 2 (1987), 235--253.  05C38 (05C40)  Click for PDF
    13   MR0888842 (88h:68003) Ordman, Edward T. Fault-tolerant networks and graph connectivity. Proceedings of the first Carbondale combinatorics conference (Carbondale, Ill., 1986). J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. 1 (1987), 191--205. 68M15 (05C40 68M10 68R10 90B25)
    Click for PDF  

    14    MR0888841 (88g:05103) Ordman, Edward T. Dining philosophers and graph covering problems. Proceedings of the first Carbondale combinatorics conference (Carbondale, Ill., 1986). J. Combin. Math. Combin. Comput. 1 (1987), 181--190. 05C70 Click for PDF   

    15    MR0881175 (88d:05092) Erdős, Paul; Ordman, Edward T.; Zalcstein, Yechezkel Bounds on threshold dimension and disjoint threshold coverings. SIAM J. Algebraic Discrete Methods 8 (1987), no. 2, 151--154.  05C35
    Click for PDF    

    16    MR0830734 (87k:68130) Ordman, Edward T. Threshold coverings and resource allocation. Proceedings of the sixteenth Southeastern international conference on combinatorics, graph theory and computing (Boca Raton, Fla., 1985). Congr. Numer. 49 (1985), 99--113.  68R10 (05C99 68N25 90B05)
    Click for PDF   

    17     MR0790923 (86g:05048) Caccetta, Louis; Erdős, Paul; Ordman, Edward T.; Pullman, Norman J. The difference between the clique numbers of a graph. Ars Combin. 19 (1985), A, 97--106. 05C35 (05C99) Click for PDF  

    18    MR0565363 (81c:54042) Ordman, Edward T.; Smith-Thomas, Barbara V. Sequential conditions and free topological groups. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 79 (1980), no. 2, 319--326. 54D55 (22A99 54G20)  Click for PDF

    19    MR1538963 Ordman, Edward T.; Reviews: Man and His Technology. Amer. Math. Monthly 86 (1979), no. 2, 136--137. Click for PDF

    20    MR0519712 (80e:22001) Fay, Temple H.; Ordman, Edward T.; Thomas, Barbara V. Smith The free topological group over the rationals. General Topology Appl. 10 (1979), no. 1, 33--47. 22A05  Click for PDF

    21    MR0427525 (55 #557) Ordman, Edward T. Free k-groups and free topological groups. General Topology and Appl. 5 (1975), no. 3, 205--219. 22A05 Click for PDF

    22   MR1537596 Ordman, Edward T.; Reviews: The Nature of Modern Mathematics. Amer. Math. Monthly 81 (1974), no. 10, 1129--1130. Click for PDF

    23    MR0374319 (51 #10519) Ordman, Edward T. Free products of topological groups with equal uniformities. I, II. Colloq. Math. 31 (1974), 37--43; ibid. 31 (1974), 45--49. 22A05
    Click for PDF 1   Click for PDF 2

    24    MR0364528 (51 #782) Ordman, Edward T.; Morris, Sidney A. Almost locally invariant topological groups. J. London Math. Soc. (2) 9 (1974/75), 30--34. 22A05  Click for PDF 

    25     MR0360912 (50 #13359) Morris, Sidney A.; Ordman, Edward T.; Thompson, H. B. The topology of free products of topological groups. Proceedings of  the Second International Conference on the Theory of Groups (Australian Nat. Univ., Canberra, 1973), pp. 504--515. Lecture Notes in Math., Vol. 372, Springer, Berlin, 1974. 22A05 Click for PDF 

    26   MR0352320 (50 #4807) Ordman, Edward T. Free products of topological groups which are k\omega-spaces. Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 191 (1974), 61--73.  22A05  Click for PDF

    27   MR1537081 Ordman, Edward T.; Reviews: Perspectives in Mathematics // Mathematics in Civilization // Liberal Arts Mathematics // Mathematics: A Humanistic Approach // Readings for Mathematics: A Humanistic Approach. Amer. Math. Monthly 80 (1973), no. 5, 568--573.  Click for PDF
    28    MR0332996 (48 #11321) Ordman, Edward T. Factoring a group as an amalgamated free product. J. Austral. Math. Soc. 15 (1973), 222--227.  20E30
    Click for PDF 

    29    MR0320216 (47 #8755) Mack, John; Morris, Sidney A.; Ordman, Edward T. Free topological groups and the projective dimension of a locally compact abelian group. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 40 (1973), 303--308.  22A05  Click for PDF
    30   MR0357294 (50 #9762) Becker, J. D.; Ordman, E. T. On functions defined by iterations of each other. Aequationes Math. 8 (1972), 238--241.  10A20
    Click for PDF 

    31    MR0294141 (45 #3214) Ordman, E. T. Algebraic characterization of some classical combinatorial problems. Amer. Math. Monthly 78 (1971), 961--970.  05A05   Click for PDF
    32    MR0276355 (43 #2102) Ordman, Edward T. On subgroups of amalgamated free products. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc. 69 1971 13--23.   20.52
    Click for PDF 

    33   MR0255691 (41 #351) Ordman, Edward T. Subgroups of amalgamated free products. Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 76 1970 358--360.  20.52  Click for PDF 

    34   MR1533643 Ordman, E. T.; Classroom Notes: Convergence Almost Everywhere is Not Topological. Amer. Math. Monthly 73 (1966), no. 2, 182--183.  Click for PDF

    35    MR0148758 (26 #6264) Fell, Harriet; Newman, Morris; Ordman, Edward Tables of genera of groups of linear fractional transformations. J. Res. Nat. Bur. Standards Sect. B 67B 1963 61--68. 20.65 (10.21) 
    Click for PDF  

Problems and Solutions, American Mathematical Monthly:  (probably a partial list)

36   MR1538682 Ordman, Edward T.; Problems and Solutions: Solutions of Elementary Problems: E2630. Amer. Math. Monthly 85 (1978), no. 4, 278--279. 
37   MR1538251 Robbins, David P.; Ordman, Edward T.; Powell, Barry; Rosenfeld, Azriel; Klein, Benjamin G.; Garfunkel, Jack; Problems and Solutions: Elementary Problems: E2629, E2630-E2634. Amer. Math. Monthly 84 (1977), no. 1, 57--58.

38   MR1540506 Boas, R. P.; Ordman, Edward T.; Problems and Solutions: Solutions of Elementary Problems: E2934. Amer. Math. Monthly 91 (1984), no. 8, 518.  Click for PDF

39   MR1539559 Gillman, Leonard; Ordman, Edward T.; Dodge, Clayton W.; Problems and Solutions: Solutions of Problems Dedicated to Emory P. Starke: S17. Amer. Math. Monthly 87 (1980), no. 9, 822--823.  Click for PDF

40    MR1537220 Ordman, E. T.; Gibbs, Richard; Stocker, Harold; Problems and Solutions: Solutions of Elementary Problems: E2383. Amer. Math. Monthly 80 (1973), no. 9, 1066.  Click for PDF

41   MR1533392 Rajagopalan, M.; Wilansky, A.; Ordman, E. T.; Problems and Solutions: Solutions of Advanced Problems: 5222. Amer. Math. Monthly 72 (1965), no. 7, 799--800.  
Click for PDF

42   MR1536865 Kestelman, H.; Just, Erwin; Langford, E. S.; Hughes, Thomas; Ordman, E. T.; Gould, H. W.; Problems and Solutions: Elementary Problems: E2379-E2384. Amer. Math. Monthly 79 (1972), no. 9, 1033--1034.

43   Problem 10856, AMM 113(2006) 180-183   Click for PDF

44    Among others I was listed as "also solved by" were  E2310(1972)E1571(1964), E2931 (1964), E2314(1972)   (at least ten more to list later)

Some items that are mathematics or computer science but not in Math Reviews (not a complete list, I'll get there sometime.)

45       One and one is nothing: liberating mathematics (essay), Soundings 56(1973), 164-181.    Click here for PDF
(This literary journal to press while I was out of the US,so my  errors were not caught in editing or galley.
You can find Errata Here if the math arguments are essential to you.)

46       Make up your own mazes, Arithmetic Teacher 22(1975), 650-652.  Click here for PDF

47     Meteor: an arcade game using character graphics,
Creative Computing 8(Aug. 1982), 178-80-82-84-85.  Click here for PDF

48  Writing transportable basic,
COMPUTE! (Jan. 1983), 36-42, and (Feb. 1983), 56-62. Click here for PDF

49   Convergence and abstract spaces in functional analysis, Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics 1(1969)79-96 and 2(1970)25-36
   Click for PDF 1    Click for PDF2

50   [from] Case studies: Some Mathematicians with Nonacademic Employment, Notice Amer. Math. Soc. 22(1975)100-102  Click here for PDF

51    The impact of computers: a syllabus, in Computers in    
     Mathematics Education (NCTM 1984 Yearbook), ed. by
     V.P. Hansen and M.J. Zweng, pp. 30-34.  Click here for PDF

(lifted from other lists, I need to finish checking elsewhere and then format better...)

    Reviews in  Dr. Dobbs, a newsstand computer magazine:
52    * (Review of) Structured Programming, Theory and Practice, by Linger, Mills, & Witt,
         Dr. Dobb's J. of Small Computers 
4(Nov. 1979), 61.
53     * (Review of) Increasing Programmer Productivity through Logic
     Development, by G.H. Swann, Dr. Dobbs J. (May 1980) Click for PDF
    * (Review of) The Dartmouth Time-Sharing System, by G.M. Bull,
     Dr. Dobbs J. (May 1981), 19. Click for PDF 
55     * (Review of) Programming Language Translation, by R.E. Berry,
     Dr. Dobb's J. (Sept. 1982), 66-67.

56   (with K.E. Kloss and M. Newman) Class numbers of primes of the
     form 4n+1, RMT 10, Math. Comp. 23(1969), 213-214.  Click here for PDF

57   Tables of the class number for negative prime discriminants,
     RMT 29, Math. Comp. 23(1969), 458. Click for PDF

58   What functions generate a price index?(research proposal)
     J. Undergrad. Math. 7(1975), 101-104.    Click for PDF

59   Kentucky Personal Income Study 1975 (pamphlet), Kentucky Council of Economic Advisors (Office of Business
     Development and Government Services, University of Kentucky, Lexington, 1976).

60   Air Cargo, An Integrated Systems View. NASA-Langley Research Center report CR-145384, 1978, 322 pp. (numerous authors:
     Alvin Keaton, et al, eds.)

61   Prices and load factors: parts of the air cargo market, Proc. Tenth Annual Pittsburg Conf. on Modelling and Simulation,
     1979, part 2, 407-412.  Click for PDF

62  [Committee report] William G. Doty, chairman; Alise F. Carse,   Julie Thompson Klein, Edward Ordman, and Constance D. Ramirez,
   Society for Values in Higher Education, Task Force Report on  Interdisciplinary Studies Majors, chapter in report by the
   American Association of Colleges Project on Liberal Education,  Study in Depth, and the Arts and Sciences Major, Washington, 
   D.C., 1990.    Reprinted in  Issues in Integrative Studies  No.8 (1990), pp 9-33.  Click for PDF

63   Letter to Ann Landers, on teaching handicapped students and the  internet, 1997, see http://ordman.net/Edward/reststry.html

64   A Mutual Exclusion Problem Requiring Exponentially Many Tokens, Edward Ordman
       Technical Report, University of Memphis Combinatorics Preprint Series, 1998     Click for PDF

65  Review of Gregory J. Chaitan, Thinking about Godel and Turing: Essays on Complexity, 1970-2007 (World Scientific, 2007)
        Journal of Scientific Exploration, vol. 22 no. 3 (2008). pp 422-428.     Click for PDF

This list does not include newspaper essays or items written for
professional society web sites, or a few other categories.
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    Some Places I've been

I like to travel. I like people rather than buildings or other tourist attractions. So if I can go give a lecture or visit other mathematicians or computer people or people with an interest in peace issues or in theology, I do so.

I've lectured alphabetically from Aalborg (Denmark) to Zomba (Malawi) and north - south from Torshavn (Faeroe Islands) to Hobart (Tasmania) as well as in London, Paris, Amsterdam; Budapest, Shanghai, Xi'an, Jinan, Hakone; Toronto, Sydney, Auckland, etc. I've visited departments or companies in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine, and Delhi, India.

My wife and I are active in Servas, a peace organization encouraging international home-to-home visits. Among other organizations, we have traveled with Elderhostel and Global Volunteers, the Foundation for International Community Assistance and the American Indian College Fund. We've been camp counselors (English tutors) at a children's camp in rural Eastern Poland and visited small colleges on Indian reservations.

We are happy to provide some of our charity-related travel pictures; many have pointers elsewhere on the ordman.net pages.

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    Contact Information

I migrate between Tennessee and New Hampshire

132 Everett Park,  New London, NH 03257, phone 603-526-6428
4045 Graham Oaks Ct., Memphis, TN 38122  phone  901-327-9735
Fax:  267-482-2454   (works at both homes, arrives via e-mail)

E-mail: etordman@memphis.edu  is equivalent to edward@ordman.net  (works at both homes)
(Secretary at Dept. of Math Sciences, U of Memphis, 901-678-2482,
generally knows where I am.)

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    Most Recent Projects  (This was true when I retired in 2001. As of 2018, I'm mainly an interfaith activist.)

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    Biographical Information

          Amalgamated Free Products of Groupoids (work mainly done at Berkeley)             Visiting and summer positions have included               University of New South Wales, Academy of the Faeroes,
              Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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  Some Other Interests

Programming interests:  Geneology,  Pictorial data bases, Computer Games
        Rapid Prototyping
A few experiences / interests:
       Starting new / isolated Computer Science Programs  (e.g. Faroe Islands)
       Applied econometrics. Economic forecasting.
            (worked for Kentucky Council of Economic Advisors)
       Rapid prototying / feasibility  of industrial applications
             (Group insurance, factory floor quality control, etc.)
       Theology: Lectured at a divinity school in East Jerusalem, some others.

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Something my mother noticed

The University of Memphis does a very good job with students who have handicaps. I very much like advising students. In late 1997 Ann Landers included a letter about my work with handicapped students. While no one has ever called my mother to mention seeing any of my 40 or 50 professional papers, 15 people called my mother that morning before breakfast. Since then, in my mother's eyes, I am a success.   For more about this, click here.

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