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Eunice Ordman died April 16, 2016. Publications about that are at

In October 2013 there was a major article about us on the front page of the religion section of the Memphis daily newspaper, the Commercial Appeal.
I've copied the text here at

During August and September 2010, a Muslim blogger and photographer celebrated Ramadan by visiting 30 mosques and writing about interesting people there. When they got to Memphis, someone said "you have to talk to the Ordmans."  The result is one of the nicest love letters we ever received.

A nice Valentine: a nice article about us in the University of Memphis
Student Newspaper, February 14, 2008

We received an award for our interfaith work, March 1, 2008

Evelyn Ordman died  Feb 21, 2004. For Obit (Copied from Washington Post)   click  here

An article about Eunice Ordman in the Memphis Commercial Appeal (1997)

An article about us in a newspaper in the Faeroe Islands, 1988

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